228B Dragonfly set with 2x3mm cabachon sapphires
set in an 18ct gold collet (47mm across the wings)

(3B) Silver harebell brooch with hard gold plating

(19B) Silver lily of the valley brooch set with nephrite (jade)

(24B) Silver primrose brooch set with four 1.5mm citrines

(34B) Silver lily brooch

(186B) Silver cornflower brooch set with a 5mm blue topaz 

(12A/12B/119B) Silver rose pin set with a ruby

(95B) Silver butterfly brooch with turquoise

 (92B) Silver large bumble bee with hard gold plate,(164B)  small bumble bee

|(197/3B) Marigold with freshwater pearls 

(197 BP) Marigold with amethyst

(197 BP) Marigold with blue enamel and pearl

                               (34BP) Lily with red enamel

                                                             (34BP) Saffron with rock crystal