220/212S  Celandine Studs

222S Buttercup Studs

                                                                                                                                                                Bindweed   ( 9CS ) 20mm diameter (silver and 9ct gold)

 208S Camassia (18ct gold bead in the centre)

(195S) White Flower (17mm diameter)

177S  Hypericum studs (20mm diameter) with cold enamel 

 ( 200S ) Meadow Rue  18ct gold wires (10mm)

 6CS Small clematis set with 4mm blue lace agate or pearl (12mm diameter)

(193S) Orchid set with 6mm pearls (15mm) 

(4CS) Silver dandelion studs (20mm)

(5CS) Rose studs (15mm )

(191S) Silver clematis earstuds set with a 5mm pearl  (overall size 19mm)

 192S Silver Malope earstuds set with 5mm lapis lazuli or malachite beads (15mm overall )

(18S) Silver viola/pansey studs set with 2mm sapphire or aquamarine ( 23mm )

(3CS) Silver chicory earstuds set with pearls or turquoise ( 18mm diameter ) 

(24S) Silver primrose earstuds set with 1.5mm citrines (13mm diameter) 

 (201S) silver ox eye daisy (22mm diameter)

(153S) Silver daisy studs with hard gold plating  (16mm diameter) 

(190S) Small daisy earstud 

(12mm diameter) 

(77S) Silver rockrose studs  (17.5mm diameter)

(2CS) Silver poppy earstuds set with 4mm garnet beads ( 18mm ) 

(1/2S) Silver bow earstuds ( 21mm )

(3CS) Silver daisy chain earstuds ( 50mm top to bottom )