231D  Bleeding Heart drops set with 6x4mm garnet
25mm top to bottom
208D Camassia stem (3mm cultured pearl)

230D Snowdrop set with 12mm x 6mm citrine briolette

overall size excluding fittings 22mm x 14mm 

226D  Tulip Drops set with a 5mm garnet in each 

                                                                                                                                                                                           197D Marigold (5mm citrine)
235/237D  Forget-me-knot
25mm excluding the fittings

198D Leucojum set with nephrite jade also available with Amber or Green Quartz

 Maple leaf drop 


213D  Birch leaf (44mm)

200D Pearlwort 

set with 8x2.5mm cultured pearls

(6/7D) Fushia drops with hard gold plating and set with a 3.5mm cultured pearl (60mm top to bottom)

223D Daffodil ( 18ct bead )

( CS8) Allium(45mm)

 (78D)Fushia leaf earrings (50mm)

 199D Agapanthus drops ( 46mm including fittings )

(128D) Silver bluebell drops ( 57mm including fittings ) 

(178D) Silver fritillary drops with amethyst ( 45mm including fittings )

(3D) Silver harebell eardrops hard gold plated ( 24mm including fittings )

(12BD) Blossom  set with 7x3mm rose quartz in each drop ( 65mm top to bottom )

(24D) Silver primrose eardrops set with citrines ( 40mm including fittings )

(182D) Silver fern eardrops ( 74mm including fittings )

(43/44D) Silver snowdrops with hard gold plating ( 30mm including fittings )

(185D) Silver chinese lantern drops ( 38mm including fittings )

 (50D) Silver foxglove eardrops set with sapphires ( 35mm including fittings )

(3/197D) set with an 8mm freshwater pearl ( 50mm including fittings )

(205D) Acorn set with 9mm freshwater pearl ( 40mm including fittings )


(73D) Slice of apple set with 3   (5x2mm) garnets in each earring

Slice is 28mm top to bottom excluding fittings 

                                                                                                                                                                                       (209D) Pine cone 30mm top to bottom

(210D) Seed capsule 24mm top to bottom 

                                                                                                                               208D  Enkianthus

                                                                                                                               39mm inc. fittings

 207D Honesty

39mm inc. fittings 

(204D)Double acorn drops

( 40mm including fittings )